About Us

Founded in July 2018, Take the Lead Canine Services specializes in puppy training, basic obedience and behavior rehabilitation. Over the past two years, our team of professional trainers have trained thousands of dogs of all ages, needs and breeds. We have a beautiful property located on the outskirts of Two Wells set on a glorious 23 acres plus virtual training for clients around the world.


If you need help raising your puppy, teaching basic commands or rehabilitating an aggressive, reactive, anxious or fearful dog, let us help you! Take the Lead Canine Services offers private lessons, board and trains, day training, day assessments, dog daycare and virtual training. We also provide boarding services for all your vacation and travel needs. Let us be your one stop shop for dog training and boarding! 

Our standard is excellence. We are proud of what we do, and we love the clients we serve. If you’re looking for a trainer who cares about every part of your dog’s quality of life and training, look no further. We have a long list of satisfied clients and more than 100 recommendations on social media.

Our Training Philosophy 

We are balanced dog trainers. That means we are specially skilled at each aspect of training and customize our training approach 100% to each individual dog. We believe strongly in the importance of a good training foundation so we use positive reinforcement to teach basic commands and behaviors. We focus on confidence building, the relationship between owner and dog, structure, rules and meeting the basic needs of each dog.


Once dogs in training have a solid foundation, then start training in 'real life scenarios' so your dog is reliable in public and around distractions. We never train using force or intimidation. Our training always has the dog’s best interest at heart and we use body language, treats, rewards and praise to help communicate with the dog and reward the dog for good behavior.

Our training focuses on three key principles: Communication, Motivation and Relationship. We communicate with the dog to teach him what we want. We motivate the dog to be obedient and responsive to commands. And our goal is to have a good, working relationship with the dog so that the dog is obedient without relying on rewards only. Our training is all about common sense and doing what’s right for both the owners and the dogs.

Our Team