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Standard Stay

This is an opportunity to let your dog stay with us in a calm and relaxed boarding environment.

From the moment your pet arrives they will settle in very quickly in the comfortable and spacious dog boarding facility containing all the amenities. 

The standard stay includes 2 hours out during the day in one of our large spacious exercise yards with plenty of love, care and belly rubs.

The Standard Stay includes modern, clean and sanitised sleeping areas, Spacious and comfortable accommodation, Premium dog food, Serviced twice daily, Fresh water and a private update 

The standard stay DOES NOT include dog to dog interaction

Stay and Play 

This is an opportunity to let your dog stay with us in a calm and structured boarding environment while you are away.  

Your dog will be apart of our dog daycare group from morning until afternoon each day depending on suitability. 

We go for quad bike rides around the farm, allow the dogs to explore the fully fenced 23 acres, play tones of fun games, and lap up endless attention from the staff!  They will be around our family whilst we work around the farm on the weekends and will have endless love from us. Enjoy private updates of your dog whilst you are away. We will ensure that whilst your dog is in our care we will maintain respectful behaviours whilst away from their family including threshold work, waiting for their food and promoting calm leash walking to the yards. 

Luxury Stay 

This stay includes everything in the stay and play package, but also allows the dogs to sleep inside the family home. The dogs MUST be crate trained as they will be in their crates at night in our designated crate room. All dogs are toileted on a strict schedule and are not confined to crates during the day.